Mercoledì, 17 Ottobre 2018

Cyclone Circe pounds Italy with thunderstorms


(ANSA) - Rome, July 24 - After a long, parching heat wave
worsened wildfires this summer across much of Italy, especially
the south and its islands, the country's weather has gone to the
other extreme with destructive, torrential rains and hail.
The cyclone Circe pounded much of Italy's south Monday and
Tuesday, after hail storms dumped a thick layer of ice in the
north over the weekend.
In Brindisi, water penetrated three of nine operating rooms
at the Perrino hospital, rendering them useless.
Lighting struck the Lecce television station Telerama while
a live news program was in progress. The bolt ignited a fire
that severely damaged the station building and equipment.
The telephones of Lecce firemen rang without stopping, and
included calls from people trapped in their cars, their engines
stalled as streets, underpasses and basements flooded, and
manhole covers rose off sewers.
In Basilicata's capital city Potenza, lighting struck,
thunder pounded, and high winds blew throughout Monday night, as
firemen labored to clear roads of listing trees, fallen branches
and flooding.
Italy's Department of Civil Protection issued a warning for
heavy storms in central and southern Italy through Wednesday,
with sunshine expected to return Thursday.

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