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Partial shutdown and 8 arrests in Taranto's ILVA steelworks


(ANSA) - Taranto, July 26 - A judge ordered the partial
shutdown of Italy's largest steelworks, the ILVA plant in the
southern port of Taranto on Thursday.
The judge also authorized the house arrest of eight ILVA
managers and ex-managers after magistrates found the plant's
fumes and dust endangered the heath of thousands of workers and
residents nearby.
The arrests ordered by judge Patrizia Todisco included the
owner, Emilio Riva, chairman of ILVA until May 2010; his son
Nicola Riva, who took his father's place as chairman until a few
weeks ago; the ex-director of the Taranto plant, Luigi
Capogrosso; the current head of the plant's coke ovens, Ivan Di
Maggio; and the supervisor for the agglomeration area, Angelo
The partial shutdown closes ILVA's mineral park, coke
ovens, agglomeration area, blast furnaces, steel mills and iron
materials management.
The steelworks owned by the Riva family is under legal
pressure as the result of a drawn-out investigation lasting more
than a decade.
Expert epidemiological and chemical assessments this spring
concluded that the ILVA plant was responsible for an
environmental disaster causing 386 deaths over the last 13 years
and a range of illnesses in neighborhoods near the plant.
Workers and labor unions have denounced legal action for
fear of losing a major employer and a regional economic engine.
On receiving news of the shutdown Thursday, 2,000 workers
streamed out of the plants and into the streets. The protest
followed another on Wednesday, in which thousands of workers
blocked a highway.
The steelworks is one of southern Italy's few large
industrial plants, producing 30% of Italy's steel, and employing
more than 11,000 workers.
Italy's environmental minster Corrado Clini met with Puglia
Governor Nichi Vendola and other officials in Rome on Thursday
seeking an agreement on how to clean up the environmental damage
and also salvage industrial production at the plant.
Vendola said that if the case reaches trial, the Puglia
region will join as a civil party.

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