Domenica, 21 Ottobre 2018

Italy's leftwing and center-left parties in 'alliance' talks


(ANSA) - Rome, August 1 - Italy's center-left Democratic
Party (PD) showed signs of aligning itself with the leftwing SEL
party and its leader distanced himself from former ally and head
of the antigraft party Italy of Values (IdV) on Wednesday.
"SEL (Left, Ecology and Freedom) is willing to be a
founding member with the PD in a hopeful alliance to build an
alternative to the 30 years of economic liberalism that have
brought Italy into a great crisis," said party leader and Puglia
Governor Nichi Vendola after a one-and-a-half hour meeting with
PD leader Pier Luigi Bersani.
The two groups have not forged a formal coalition, a
proposal Vendola shot down Wednesday as "fantasy".
Following the meeting, Bersani distanced himself from
former ally and Clean Hands graftbuster Antonio Di Pietro and
his IdV (Italy of Values) party, which has taken a staunch
anti-austerity platform since Premier Mario Monti took the helm
of a technocratic government when Silvio Berlusconi was driven
from office in November.
"The IdV has made its choice for some time. It's chosen
another road," said Bersani.
Bersani and Di Pietro both served as ministers in the
Romano Prodi government from 2006-08.
Vendola put even more distance between his leftist party
and Di Pietro's.
"It saddens me, but his continuous polemics and his
exagerated propodanda risks taking him adrift".
On Tuesday, Di Pietro lashed out at Monti and President
Giorgio Napolitano, calling them "worse than Berlusconi".
Backlash to Monti's reforms played a significant role in
local elections in May when each party supporting Monti's
administration, except the PD, suffered significant losses.
Monti on Tuesday reiterated that he plans to step down in
2013 when new elections are scheduled.

(photo: Pier Luigi Bersani and Nichi Vendola)

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