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Bologna massacre marked after two-year government silence


(ANSA) - Bologna, August 2 - The 85 victims of the 1980
Bologna train station bombing were commemorated here on Thursday
with Interior Minister Anna Maria Cancellieri in attendance, the
first government representative to appear after a controversial
two-year gap.
"It's a sign of respect and attention that ends some rather
embarrassing behavior," said Bologna Mayor Virginio Merola three
years after then culture minister Sandro Bondi was heckled at
the ceremony, sparking a two-year absence from ex-premier Silvio
Berlusconi's center-right administration.
The bombing, which also left some 200 injured, is believed
to have been the joint work of neo-Fascists, members of the
secret services and the subversive right-wing Propaganda-Due
(P2) Masonic lodge, which was outlawed in 1982.
"Keeping the memory of the innocent victims of terrorism
alive allows us to share and transmit the sense of freedom and
democracy, and the will to safeguard constitutional principles
and rights," said Italian President Giorgio Napolitano in a
In November 1995, the Supreme Court upheld life sentences
for two neo-Fascist terrorists, Valerio Fioravanti, a former TV
child star, and Francesca Mambro, who were convicted of planting
the bomb.
Also upheld were lengthy jail terms for the head of the P-2
lodge, Licio Gelli, rogue operatives in the military
intelligence service Sismi, and middleman Francesco Pazienza for
working to sidetrack investigations into the massacre.
Fioravanti and his companion Mambro have readily confessed
to a string of murders but have always maintained they had
nothing to do with the Bologna bomb. They are currently out on
Although many believe the attack was a bid to destabilize a
country trying to leave behind years of terrorism, the
underlying reasons for the bombing have never fully emerged.
Responding to long-standing calls for full compensation to
victims' families, the interior minister said she would "name a
commissioner" to look into the affair "in the coming days".

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