Giovedì, 18 Ottobre 2018

Decree approves clean-up funds for ILVA steel plant


(ANSA) - Rome, August 3 - The Italian cabinet Friday
approved a decree that allocates 336 million euros for
environmental remediation and recovery at the ILVA steel plant
in the southern port city of Taranto.
The decree also frees up the funds for immediate use by
streamlining procedures for getting from the decision to its
application - a major bureaucratic issue in Italy with a long
history of creating delays.
"It is a decree that makes resources available and
simplifies procedures so that planned interventions are carried
out in a timely manner," said Environment Minister Corrado
Clini on Friday.
The decree is based on a memorandum of understanding
spearheaded by the environmental minister, who has expressed the
government's support for keeping the ILVA plant in production
during clean up efforts.
Clini praised ILVA's decision to retract all of its appeals
against the environment ministry.
"The company has decided to come to the table with the
ministry and the regional government to find solutions. That is
how a great European company behaves".
At a hearing in Taranto's re-examination court Friday, a
judge ruled in favor of examining an appeal to revoke a
court-ordered partial shut down of the steel plant and house
arrest of eight managers and ex-managers.
The next hearing in the appeals process will be scheduled
after September 15.

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