Martedì, 25 Settembre 2018

Italian police launch dawn offensive against eco-anarchists


(ANSA) - Rome , August 8 - Italian police launched
early-morning raids on Wednesday, arresting at least 21 people,
in a crackdown on what they are calling environmental-anarchist
The arrested people are accused of arson and aggravated
damage for terrorism purposes, after 30 searches were carried
out in the northern Emilia-Romagna region and in Germany.
Police are targeting a Bologna-based group of
"environmental anarchists" with international connections,
accused of launching violent attacks against large corporations
including IBM, McDonald's, and Italian energy giant Eni.
Targets, dating back at least two years, included
laboratories believed to use animals in research and
experimentation; as well as financial institutions and companies
in the telecommunications and nuclear energy sectors.
Police searches spread across the cities of Bologna,
Modena, in Forlì-Cesena and in other Italian regions, as
investigators probe possible links between traditional
anarchists and violent environmentalists.
Officers seized gas masks, shears, about 4,000 euros in
cash, computers, notes, publications, leaflets, letters, and
information about some of the large companies that have been
They also found a manual for anarchists entitled "1,000
ways to sabotage the world," which gives instructions on how to
build and place bombs, evade defence systems as well as police,
sabotage sites, and rescue animals from labs.
Police say the searches in Germany helped to identify other
Italian suspects connected with Bologna group.
The investigation, which is continuing, began after
arsonists attacked a Bologna restaurant on Dec. 12, 2010.
Bombs were thrown through windows at the Roadhouse Grill,
damaging the floor and furnishings.
Eight days later, responsibility was claimed on a website,
'', with a statement of solidarity with a trio
arrested in Switzerland in April 2010 and accused of planning an
attack on an IMB research facility in Zurich.
The current investigation later widened to include a March
26, 2011 attack on the headquarters of IBM Italy, when a crude
bomb was left on a stairwell.
On the wall, the word 'Elf' - a possible reference to the
Earth Liberation Front - was written with dark green paint.
Three days later, four more crude bombs - all including
flammable liquid and firecrackers - exploded, causing damage to
the electrical systems at energy giant Eni.
The investigation also looked into an arson attack on July
21, 2011 at a warehouse connected with the University of
Bologna's Department of Food Science in the Faculty of
Responsibility was claimed on the site of Informa-Action
Animal Liberation.
Police are investigating links between the current suspects
and similar probes in Perugia too.

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