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Italian parents' school purchase costs rise 3.2% this Sept


(ANSA) - Rome August 17 - Italian parents are expected to
spend 3.2% more this September compared to the previous year to
buy schooling material for their children, according to a report
released on Friday by a consumer association that is monitoring
the prices of products such as school books, bags and pencil
The average expenditure per student will be about 995 euros,
according to the survey released by the Osservatorio Nazionale
Parents are expected to spend 6% more this year to change or
upgrade worn-out student materials such as pencil cases and
bags, or 488 euros compared with the 461 euros average spent in
September 2011.
This expenditure has been lifted by a disproportionate
increase in the price of school bags, pencil cases and writing
materials such as pens and pencils that specifically reproduce
cartoon characters or that are of a high-end brand.
Prices of pencil cases and writing materials embellished
with characters from television series or football teams have
declined compared to September 2011, as has the price of smaller
notebooks, as demand has dropped since there are increasingly
less used in junior and middle schools.
Each student this year on average will spend some 5% more -
or 507 euros - for the purchase of school books and two
Middle school students will spend 452 euros, or 4% more than
in September 2011 to buy the obligatory schoolbooks and two
dictionaries. The cost of general school items and annual
replacement of wear and tear of these needs to be added to the
total, bringing the overall costs for a parent of a middle
school student to 940 euros.
Instead, a high-school student will spend 2% more in
September to buy school books and four dictionaries, for a total
of 745 euros.
In addition, they will spend about 488 euros on school and
writing items and their replacement during the school year due
to wear and tear, bringing the overall total expenditure to over
1,233 euros.

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