Domenica, 23 Settembre 2018

Leonardo's Last Supper 'hides two self-portraits'


(ANSA) - London, August 17 - Two self-portraits of artist
Leonardo da Vinci as a young man are hidden in plain site in his
masterpiece The Last Supper, according to new findings by
British art critic Ross King.
King, who is the author of the international bestseller
Brunelleschi's Dome, is suggesting Leonardo styled two of the
apostles in the painting, including Thomas, in his likeness.
Very little is known about Leonardo's physical appearance
when he was young, aside from the "rare beauty" which seems to
have characterised his features if Renaissance painter and art
historian Giorgio Vasari is to be believed.
Many art connoisseurs for time had suspected da Vinci may
have immortalized himself in one of his paintings, following
similar practices by renowned artists Andrea Mantegna, Benozzo
Gozzoli and perhaps even Michelangelo in his Sistine Chapel
fresco. To date, however, no-one had identified where this could
have taken place.
"So far, no-one had scoured the Last Supper for a portrait
of Leonardo," King said in an interview with the Independent
King points to proof of the existence of the alleged two
self-portraits in the painting in a poem written by a friend of
the artist, Gasparo Visconti, in the 1400s. The verses of the
text contain references to a possible insertion of
self-portraits in the paintings, according to King.
The art expert also points to a sepia portrait of Leonardo
drawn by one of his assistants, showing he had a Greek nose,
long hair and a beard, all "rarities for an Italian man of that
period". The two apostles in the Last Supper also have these
characteristics, King claims.

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