Mercoledì, 17 Ottobre 2018

Sunken vessel bearing obsidian discovered off Capri


(ANSA) - Capri, August 17 - A sunken vessel bearing a load
of obsidian dating back thousands of years has been discovered
in the sea off the southern Italian island of Capri.
The ship is probably one of the oldest maritime relics
found in the Mediterranean basin to date, according to the diver
who found the ship.
"The cargo has been under water now for more than 5,000
years," Vasco Fronzoni claimed.
"The discovery could force the revision of historical
knowledge relating to the routes of commerce in antiquity," he
Fronzoni immediately alerted the Italian culture
authorities about his find.
Capri is located in front of the Gulf of Naples.
Obsidian is a purple-black rock formed as a result of
cooled magma.
It used to be used in ancient times to build arms and
utensils prior to the discovery of metals.
Of all the islands on that section of sea, Capri is the
only one not of volcanic origin.
Fronzoni is a Capri native.

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