Martedì, 25 Settembre 2018

Rome mayor calls for exemplary punishment for two arsonists


(ANSA) - Rome, August 24 - Rome Mayor Gianni Alemanno on
Friday called for two Italian arsonists arrested Thursday in the
capital city to receive exemplary punishment, amid weeks of
havoc wreaked by flames across Italy's territory.
"We need exemplary punishment for the two people arrested
for arson," Alemanno said. "Setting areas alight is a crime that
needs to be evaluated in its full gravity".
Alemanno added it was "rare for the culprits to be caught
in action, and because of this, they need to served with
exemplary punishment".
One of the two Italians had lit a fire in the Spinaceto
area, whilst the other, a 57-year-old, had set fire to dry
bushes close to Rome's main southbound Cristoforo Colombo road.
The second man was found to be carrying three lighters when
the police arrested him, and had been reported for similar
incidents in the past.
On Thursday Italy's forest guard said it worked on putting
out 135 fires across Italy.
Two other people were reported to the police for
fire-starting Thursday, one in the northern town of Imperia and
the other in the southern town of Potenza.

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