Sabato, 22 Settembre 2018

Writer denies murder despite description in his writings


(ANSA) - Turin, August 29 - An Italian writer accused of
murdering a prostitute according to the plot of one of his short
stories told a court Wednesday to instead investigate her other
Daniel Ughetto Piampaschet was arrested on August 16 in
connection with the murder of Nigerian prostitute Anthonia
Piampaschet, 34, has denied murdering Egbuna, 20, and
dumping her body in the Po river last November.
However, police became suspicious when they found his
manuscript for a short story that echoes the circumstances of
Egbuna's death.
They think that Piampaschet, a regular customer of the
young prostitute, became obsessively jealous of her.
But Wednesday, his lawyer Stephen Tizzani told the court
that records show another man also contacted Egbuna frequently,
and that an SMS message had been sent from her cell phone as
recently as Jan. 2, 2012.
Police say mobile phone records show Piampaschet called
Egbuna approximately 1,600 times - the last on Nov. 28, which is
when they think she was murdered.
The case bears a strong resemblance to the Hollywood movie
Basic Instinct, in which actor Sharon Stone's character
describes an ice-pick murder in a novel which is then committed
in real life, making her the prime suspect.

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