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(ANSA) - Florence, August 29 - Can you wear an idea? A
concept can fit fashion and become a trendy item, according to
two graphic designers, Bianca Borri and Alessio Piccini.
Together, they have just created Typonotes, a project on
'visual poetry and wearable music'.
'Typonotes is about the emotions created by our most
powerful set of symbols, the alphabet', Piccini told ANSA.
The duo have transferred their passion for graphics and
music into a capsule collection of T-shirts which attracted a
great deal of attention as one of the most original debuts at
the 82nd edition of Pitti Uomo in Florence last June.
'Typonotes turns fashion into a media giving graphic design
a wider public', said Borri, who attended a typography course at
London's Central Saint Martins, incidentally the college which
has produced some of the most respected contemporary fashion
The white T-shirts are minimalistic, with beautiful graphic
designs in black, and every item has a music video describing
the emotions of the characters it bears. Each font represented
has a musical reef composed by Piero Borri, 'creating a liaison
between the sounds of the alphabet and drums'.
The collection tells the story of fonts, from Romanic
characters, to the logogram Ampersand all the way to the
experimental shapes of Bauhaus and modern designs.
The original choice to mix fashion and graphic design was
inspired by the words of top German typographer and designer
Erick Spiekermann according to whom 'type, landscape and music
are all about emotion'.
Yet the idea of turning a concept into a trendy T-shirt
isn't new and has a much more frivolous beginning.
The phenomenon made its mass debut in the United States
after celebrities and their fans started using T-shirts to let
everybody know exactly what was on their mind. The 'Aniston
Team' and 'Jolie Team' T-shirts first sported by the Hilton
sisters were among the first say-it-with-your-daywear item to
make a splash on the other side of the ocean.
The trend has evolved since, with the industry of
'conceptual' T-shirts gaining ground. Among the trendiest items
in the past year were vintage-looking T-shirts of rock bands or
iconic Hollywood stars such as Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe
as well as T-shirts inspired by literature classics - a trend
which has spread to accessories with the sophisticated and
increasingly coveted bags of Olympia Le-Tan.
The market has boomed in stores and online where customers
can now also design their own personalized T-shirts on a number
of e-stores - a cheap road at a time of financial crisis to an
original take on trendiness.
Typonotes brings the niche passion for fonts to the world
of fashion, giving the T-shirt mania a cool, cross-cultural
'Though typography has a major influence on all of us, it
is still appreciated only by a few', said Piccini.
'We want to give the concept and history behind it wider
resonance through a mass media like fashion'.

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