Martedì, 16 Ottobre 2018

Four police injured in Alcoa demonstration in Rome


(ANSA) – Rome, September 10 – Four police were hurt in a
clash between Alcoa and Carbosulcis demonstrators, and security
forces in Rome Monday.
Two members of the local police, a member of the state
police and a member of the finance police were injured.
Hundreds of workers from the Alcoa aluminum plant and the
Carbosulcis coal company – both working in southwestern Sardinia
– demonstrated Monday in front of the Ministry of Economic
Development, throwing paper bombs, firecrackers and shouting
The workers tried to defend their jobs at industrial
entities that have become grossly uncompetitive, while
government officials, union leaders and Alcoa representatives
met inside the ministry Monday to formulate a plan to resolve
the Alcoa industrial dispute and possibly save the Alcoa plant
by finding a buyer willing to take it on.
The soaring cost of energy in Italy put the aluminum plant
in peril and is destroying other energy-intensive industries,
Giorgio Squinzi, the president of Italy’s largest industrial
employers’ confederation Confindustria, said last week.
During Monday’s meeting, Alcoa management said it was
willing to open negotiations with Swiss multinational Klesch for
the Sardinian plant after another possible suitor, the Swiss
commodities multinational Glencore, appeared to hesitate.
Klesch is the only company to have submitted a formal
expression of interest, said the FIM union’s national secretary
Marco Bentivogli, who took part in Monday’s meeting in Rome.
Last week, Alcoa met with Glencore in the Sardinian
governor’s office in Cagliari.
Alcoa postponed procedures to dismantle its plant - at the
unions’ request – while it entered talks with Glencore.
Glencore asked for a number of clarifications but has not
formalized its interest in writing, Undersecretary of Economic
Development Claudio De Vincenti told unions at the Rome meeting
Alcoa managers confirmed its plan to begin shutdown of the
aluminum plant, De Vincenti told unions Monday.
Last week, three ALCOA workers bivouacked atop a 70 metre
silo for three nights in protest.
Workers of the Carbosulcis coal company staged an eight-day
protest 375 metres underground at the Nuraxi Figus mine in
southwestern Sardinia at about the same time.

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