Lunedì, 22 Ottobre 2018

Italian teacher faces jail for making kid write I'm an idiot


(ANSA) – Rome, September 10 - Italy's top appeals court on
Monday confirmed a 15-day prison sentence inflicted on a teacher
for having made an 11-year old student write out "I am an idiot"
one hundred times as a punishment.
The Rome-based Court of Cassation ruled that school staff
cannot respond to children's bullying attitudes with similar
ones as this only goes to reinforce youngsters' errant ways.
Sentence n.34492 of the supreme court ruled that a
middle-school teacher in the city of Palermo identified only as
Giuseppa V. was guilty of "having abused the instruments of
discipline and correction" at her disposal, at the expense of
her student, identified as G.C..
Teachers cannot respond to young bullies in equally
disruptive ways, as "this ends up reinforcing the conviction
that school-based and social relationships are determined by
power or strength," the sentence read.
The court went on to say that the teacher had "mortified"
the student’s "dignity," hence going against the very
educational process children are involved in.
The court said that the use of violence, whether physical
or psychological, for educational purposes was not permitted.

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