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Italian hotels lowering rates to lure off-season tourists


(ANSA) - Rome, September 11 - More than one third of Italian
hotels say they will lower their rates this fall even more than
they did one year ago, according to a recent survey of hotel
managers conducted by travel site TripAdvisor.
With the recession dragging, hotel managers are slashing
rates to keep beds full, some by as much as 50%, as the tourism
sector - a key driver of the Italian economy - continues to
According to the survey, 16% of Italian hotel managers plan
to reduce rates by 1-10%, 14% by 11-20% and 6% by 21-50%, while
just over 45% plan to keep their rates the same as last year
during the same season.
As far as hotel managers' perception of the economic
crisis, opinions stayed the same in 2012, with 31% predicting no
change in the current situation.
Some 27% were optimistic, predicting a better fall season
than 2011, though not by much.
Just under 25% had opposite feelings, predicting a slightly
worse 2012 post-summer season, and 10% thought the season would
be considerably worse all around.
In the study's list of top five most pessimistic hotel
managers, Italy ranked behind only Greece.
Indonesia and Brazil were the world's most optimistic,
followed by Russia, the United States and India.
A surprising outcome of the study showed that Italy was
behind only France in hotel managers who said they were taking
more eco-friendly measures in 2012, with 83% opting for green
Among the most common retrofitting measures in Italy were
energy-saving light bulbs, with 85% of hoteliers reporting to
have adopted the practice, followed by composting leftover food
products (52%) and in-room adjustable thermostats (52%).
Some 72% of hotels said the primary driver for adopting
green measures was to save money, 41% said to suit guests and
26% said it was to stay in line with the times.

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