Martedì, 16 Ottobre 2018

Italian 'media uses animal references for immigrant crime'


(ANSA) - Padua, September 11 - A study released by the
University of Padua on racial profiling in Italian media said
that 66.7% of the metaphors linked to immigrant criminality use
dehumanizing, animal references.
According to the report, if the attacker is non-Italian, in
65% of the cases definitions like "wild" or "beastly" are used.
Instead, if the perpetrator is Italian, 66.7% of the
metaphors are linked to volatile actions and use words such as
"lite up, burst or exploded," said the survey.
A conference presenting the report called 'Immigration,
Fear of Crime and the Media: Roles and Responsibilities' will be
held September 14 in Padua at the Palazzo del Bo.
The research, supported by the Cariparo Foundation and
directed by Jeroen Vaes from the Department of Developmental
Psychology and Socialization at the university, looks at the
ways in which media shapes the perceptions of immigrants and
citizen safety in Italy.
The survey also says that up to 20% of the Italian public
overestimates the number of foreigners in the country and
automatically associates their presence as a threat to public
safety and to criminal and terrorist activities.
According to the researchers, this alarm is related to the
way the Italian media portray immigration by using "misleading
representations that create prejudices and stereotypes against
those who arrive in our country," says the report.

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