Domenica, 23 Settembre 2018

Florence Mayor Renzi to run in center-left primaries


(ANSA) - Verona, September 13 - Florence Mayor Matteo Renzi
announced Thursday that he would run in the upcoming center-left
primaries to be its premier candidate in next year's elections.
The 37-year-old politician from the main center-left
Democratic Party (PD) in the past has created waves because of
his call for Italian politicians who have been in senior
positions for more than 20 years to retire.
Renzi said his candidacy represents "a change for Italy,
not the PD" while speaking in Verona at the convention 'Future,
Europe, Merit' alongside 34-year-old mayor of San Giovanni
Lupatoto (Verona) Federico Vantini.
"When most of today's politicians were in parliament, we
were in kindergarten," Renzi said.
"We are proposing a place for the younger generation in
politics. To become a politician means following a dream, being
a team player and, above all, giving space to successors,"
Vattini said.
Renzi said that Premier Mario Monti's emergency government
had given back the country a sense of "doing, not putting off"
but has not given Italians "hope".
"If we win, we will continue to take action and not go
back to putting off," Renzi said.
He added that if the center-left lost under him, he would
be the "first in line to help the winners".

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