Sabato, 20 Ottobre 2018

Italian court rules insults may be fine, but never threats


(ANSA) - Rome, September 13 – Italy's top appeals court on
Thursday ruled that insults are justified on certain occasions,
like in the face of a neighbour turning on a car engine and
leaving it running for a long time in the proximity of one’s
The Court of Cassation ruled in criminal sentence 35239
that a Sicilian man who swore and insulted his neighbour after
having been exposed to the noise and gas fumes from the man’s
engine had simply been provoked.
The tribunal said that whilst insults and swear words were
to be considered justified as a reaction, particularly if the
action took place simultaneously with the provocation, under no
circumstances were threats of any kind acceptable.
The court was ruling on the appeal of a Sicilian man,
identified only as Luigi M., who had been ruled guilty of
insulting and threatening a neighbour in a February 1 2011
When his neighbour left the car engine on in proximity of
his house veranda, Luigi M. reacted by insulting him and
threatening him.

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