Sabato, 20 Ottobre 2018

Clini suggests ILVA civil trial, study shows high death toll


(ANSA) - Rome, September 17 - Environment Minister Corrado
Clini says his department is willing to participate in a civil
trial to assess responsibility for the pollution emitted by
ILVA's steelworks in Taranto.
Clini's comments on Tuesday came at the same time a new
study concluded residents of the community in southern Italy
face a heightened risk of death.
''The Ministry of Environment will establish a civil trial
aimed at identifying who has liability for pollution of
Taranto,'' Clini wrote on his Twitter feed.
Meanwhile, data from the Institute of Health show a
mortality rate that's 10% higher than would be expected in the
area around Taranto, where the troubled steelworks - accused of
longstanding health and environmental violations - is based.
The data, which is to be given Wednesday to the Health
Minister Renato Balduzzi, was taken from 2003 to 2008 and
confirms previous data with similar findings of heightened
mortality and illness.
This would seem to support criticisms that for years, the
ILVA steel plant - one of Europe's largest - has emitted toxic
pollution into the community's environment.
That was the justification used by prosecutors in July to
shut down parts of the plant and order expensive upgrades - a
move that the Italian government, the company, and unions at the
plant have been fiercely fighting.
Clini has promised 90 million euro in public funds for the
ILVA cleanup and more for the region of Puglia, where it is
More money could be available for ILVA from the European
Union through funds for community projects, Industry
Commissioner Antonio Tajani said Tuesday in an interview with
Radio RAI.
Tajani has been participating in a series of meetings
involving the ILVA case.
Tajani said the Puglia government could request funding
through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) which
could be used to mitigate environmental damage done by the ILVA
The European Investment Bank could also become involved,
backstopping investment in the restructuring of the plant, he

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