Lunedì, 22 Ottobre 2018

Dark chocolate 'works wonders against hypertension'


(ANSA) - Milan, September 20 - Dark chocolate has been
discovered to be an important element in combating hypertension,
according to a recent report that confirms the sweet helps
dilate coronaries and lower the levels of cholesterol.
So much so that the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA),
the European equivalent of the FDA, is considering promoting
products based on flavonol, an antioxidant that is derived from
cocoa, for the fight against hypertension and angina.
"This product should be released on the market in January
2013", said Cesare Sirtori, president of Sinut, an Italian
association that studies the nutritional values of plants,
animals and micro-organisms. "It will contain 10 grams of cocoa
and 200 milligrams of flavonols".
"It will be enough to take it once a day to keep high
pressure at bay".
Cocoa benefits have been researched for many years now in
the Kuna people, off Panama, due to their large consumption of
cacao. The local community there has a relatively much lower
mortality related to cardiovascular issues compared with the
North and South American population.
"The benefits are only related to dark chocolate", Sirtori
added. "Milk and white chocolate have no effects of this kind".
Lupins have also been shown to have beneficial effects on
cholesterol and diabetes, Sirtori said.
They could also in the future be found to have positive
effects on individuals suffering from hypertension as additional
research is carried out, he said.

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