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Italian police keep tabs on Facebook to combat mafia


(ANSA) - Rome, September 21 - Italian police are monitoring
social networks like Facebook as part of their battle against
the Mafia.
Mobsters are using social networks to communicate with each
other, buy and sell drugs and even to send threats to extortion
victims, according to a report in Friday's edition of Italian
news weekly L'Espresso.
So the authorities are keeping a close eye on Facebook,
Twitter and other networks in order to keep tabs on them.
"(Facebook) shows connections between people," Alessandro
Giuliano, a senior Milan policeman, told L'Espresso.
"The photographic material found on it becomes a starting
point for investigations. It's an important help for us.
"Crime, like all human phenomena, evolves together with the
society it is part of.
"Twenty years ago criminals used landline telephones, then
they started to use mobile phones and the police had to become
specialised technically to tap them. Now they have moved to the
The report cited the example of a young mobster who sent
threats via Facebook to the son of a Palermo shopkeeper in order
to intimidate him into paying for 'protection'. Palermo police
said they had many similar examples of online acts of
Police managed to track down Calabrian mobster Pasquale
Manfredi, meanwhile, by tracing the Internet card he used to log
on and update a Facebook profile he had set up with the name
Scarface while on the run.
Another Mafioso was caught when photos on his girlfriend's
Facebook page showed that he was on vacation in Spain.
The front page of Friday's edition of L'Espresso showed
images of Facebook profiles in the names of famous Italian Mafia
bosses, including jailed former Costa Nostra chief Toto' Riina,
set up by anonymous admirers.
The Riina profile featured a comment in English that read:
"All mafia families should be UNITED against all governments of
the world. Ndrangheta, Cosa Nostra, and ALL OTHER FAMILIES
should be connected and united. Governments wants to destroy the
Mafia, help each other and GOOD LUCK".

photo: Toto' Riina.

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