Martedì, 16 Ottobre 2018

Italian researchers find 'control room' in brain


(ANSA) - Rome, September 26 - Italian researchers have
published a report saying that they have pinpointed the part of
the brain that controls the ability to give directions and
communicate information to others.
Neurologists Andrea Marini and Cosimo Urgesi, researchers
at the University of Udine, said in a study published in the
Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience by the Massachusetts Institute
of Technology (MIT) that the 'switchboard' controlling complex
cognitive processing resides in the left hemisphere of the
"To give information, well-formed language skills are not
enough. One needs to have a global, clear coherence of
narratives produced, as they are being told," Marini said.
The researchers studied the brain activity of volunteers as
they listened to four stories being presented in the form of
cartoons and then identified a precise relationship between the
functioning brain area and the ability to select relevant words
in a context.
The tests were performed under three different conditions,
researchers said.
"First we inhibited the left hemisphere with
electromagnetic pulses, then the right hemisphere was inhibited
and finally, neither," Marini said.
When the left hemisphere was briefly halted, the ability to
describe the stories in a clear and accurate way was
significantly reduced.
Researchers believe that the study will help shed light on
what makes individuals effective and eloquent communicators.
"This better understanding of how information is organized
and communicated could help with innovations in rehabilitation
therapies for patients with neurological disorders, such as
traumatic brain injury or stroke victims," Marini said.

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