Domenica, 21 Ottobre 2018

'No limit can be set on Sistine access'


(ANSA) – Vatican City, September 27 – Limiting the number
of tourists accessing the Vatican Museum where the
world-renowned Sistine Chapel is located would be unthinkable,
according to Vatican Museums Director Antonio Paolucci.
Paolucci responded Thursday in Vatican daily L'Osservatore
Romano to an article in Milan daily Corriere della Sera that
stated mass tourism was causing damage to the chapel.
"It's likely that in some time it will be necessary to
restructure the Sistine Chapel another time," said the article
by writer and literary critic Pietro Citati.
"And then again and again, as the large vaulted ceilings of
the chapel are filled with human breaths over time".
Paolucci said the difficulties the Vatican Museums and the
Sistine Chapel faced were the same as those faced by all museums
frequented by masses of tourists, like the Uffizi and the
Even so, setting a limit on access is unthinkable, as the
days that only the elite could access cultural masterpieces were
long gone by.
"We have tripled the number of guards and for the past two
years we have been carrying out a study to examine how to better
ventilate and control humidity," said Paolucci, adding that the
number of people set to visit would rise in future years.
The Sistine chapel is not only an artistic place but it is
also a consecrated chapel, he added.
"With the development of the economies in emerging
countries, the number of people that will be able to afford the
trip to visit Rome and view this beauty and the two symbols that
are the capital of Christianity, the Colosseum and the Sistine
Chapel, will increase," Paolucci said.

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