Martedì, 18 Settembre 2018

ILVA prosecutors enforcing shutdown orders over protests


(ANSA) - Rome, September 27 - Prosecutors said Thursday that
they will continue to enforce a judge's orders to close parts of
the ILVA steelworks despite protests from workers there.
Taranto prosecutor Franco Sebastio said he did not know
what the next move might be from the owners of the troubled
plant, Europe's largest steelworks, but it would not stop his
"I do not know what kind of appeals ILVA will decide to
present," said Sebastio, who succeeded in convincing Taranto
judge Patrizia Todisco that ILVA's proposal for the immediate
remediation of its plant was inadequate to address the
environmental disaster at stake.
"If there are no changes...procedures will go ahead," added
Todisco also ruled against ILVA's request to keep the steel
plant operating during the cleanup.
"The goods in question - health, life and environment, and
even the right to dignified work without compromising the health
of a human being - do not permit bargaining," she said in
Wednesday's decision.
Meanwhile, workers at the ILVA plant - which employs about
12,000 people in this struggling part of southern Italy -
continued to rally Thursday in support of the plant.
Some began a two-day strike to protest the gradual closure
of the mill, which began this week.
"Stopping production means destroying workers' hopes and
future. We must find common ground between respecting the
environment and citizens' right to health and work," the FIM and
UILM unions said in a joint statement.
Police tried Thursday to keep the protesting workers
separate from other Taranto residents who are calling for strong
measures to force ILVA to make serious improvements to the
plant, which for years has emitted toxic substances linked to
heightened cancer risks in the area.
They also want ILVA to completely clean up environmental
damage it has caused.
At the same time Environment Minister Corrado Clini said he
expects to receive by Friday the report of European Union
experts who are now assessing whether to grant ILVA an
environmental clearance.

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