Sabato, 22 Settembre 2018

Inmate commits suicide, 41st this year in Italian prisons


(ANSA) - Biella, September 28 - A 51-year-old inmate in the
northern town of Biella committed suicide overnight Thursday,
becoming the 41st prisoner to take his own life in Italy since
the start of the year.
Prison authorities say the man used his shoelaces to
hang himself from the window grating of his cell, where he was
being held in isolation.
The man was jailed in 2006 for a series of robberies and
his sentence was up in 2014.
Figures show that 186 people died in Italian prisons in
2011, and 118 since the beginning of the year, 41 of them
Penitentiary Police Union (OSAPP) leader Leo Beneduci said
that the prison situation "is a full-out massacre that needs to
be stopped at all costs".
Jails contain almost 68,000 inmates compared to a supposed
capacity of 45,743, prisoners' rights association Antigone said
Italy's prison population is now at its highest level since
World War II and recent estimates suggest it will continue
rising unless urgent action is taken, with the number expected
to climb above 100,000 this year.
Overcrowding is believed to be more than partly responsible
for the high number of suicides in Italian prisons compared to
those in most other developed countries.
"Aside from the powerlessness in front of daily tragedies,
the men and women who work in the penitentiaries are frustrated
by the inertia of the administrators and politicians who have
abandoned them," Beneduci said.
The country's jails are still bursting nine months after
the government's so-called 'Save Prisons' package aimed at
ending overcrowding that has contributed to the rising suicide
rate, Antigone said.

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