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Sardines and anchovies risk disappearing from the Adriatic


(ANSA) – Rome, September 28 – Environmental watchdog
Greenpeace has warned that stocks of sardines and anchovies are
disappearing from the Adriatic as a result of poor fishery
management and called on the EU to guarantee that fishing
practices are sustainable.
In the report 'Blue Gold in Italy' published in the
September 2012 edition of 'Ocean Inquirer', Greenpeace shines
the spotlight on the ports of Chioggia, one of the largest
fishing ports in the Mediterranean, and Pila di Porto Tolle in
Veneto, which together "supply a considerable proportion of the
Italian sardine and anchovy market all year round" and also
"export catches to other countries".
Scientific data show a decline in these fish populations in
the north and central Adriatic over the last 40 years, while the
Italian government has allowed pressure on these waters to rise
by increasing the number and capacity of authorised boats and
issuing 'experimental' licences, the report says.
Greenpeace calls on European governments and the European
parliament to draw up legislation to ensure that fish stocks can
be naturally replenished.

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