Martedì, 16 Ottobre 2018

Books: Myself, Us and the Others, about women war refugees

(ANSAmed) - ROME, OCTOBER 1 - Enisa Bukvic survived the war
in the Balkans, forged a new life for herself in Italy, and
tells the tale of this transition in her third book Myself, Us
and the Others (Io, noi e le altre, Infinito Editori, 144 pages,
12 euros), launched in the capital on Monday.
Born in Bijelo Polje, in Montegro, the author immigrated to
Italy 25 years ago. She spent the greater part of this time
working in Italian and international immigration NGOs.
In this book she narrates the intimate, personal stories of
over 30 women who fled war-torn Bosnia Herzegovina in the 1990s,
integrated themselves into Italian society, and turned the pain
of loss and exile into the energy to generate change by helping
Among the protagonists are also several Calabrian women, whom
the author met and befriended at work, and with whom she shares
a belief that gender relationships must change in order to
transform society. ''The women of Calabria have the strength to
make that happen,'' Bukvic told ANSAmed at today's book launch.
The story that moved her the most, she said, was that of
Romana, who was born in the formerly Italian town of Dignano
d'Istria, and which today is called Vodnjan. ''Through her story
I understood what the Italians of Istria suffered at the end of
the war,'' Bukvic said.
''A third of Bosnian survivors live abroad,'' the author went
on. ''But women and youth are those who can change the fate of
Bosnia today, by going back. The future of Bosnia depends on us
women. Immigrant women have an extra gear. They've suffered a
lot, and are in themselves a force for change.'' (ANSAmed).

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