Martedì, 23 Ottobre 2018

Monti will 'leave government to others' within months


(ANSA) - Milan, October 1 - Premier Mario Monti said on
Monday that he and his emergency cabinet of non-political
technocrat ministers "will leave the government to others in the
next few months".
The comments came after Monti shook up the Italian
political scene last week when he said he would be willing to
stay on as premier "in special circumstances" if no clear
political winner emerged from next spring's elections.
At the time the former European commissioner, who stepped
in to lead an emergency administration of non-political
technocrats when the financial crisis forced Silvio Berlusconi
to resign as premier last November, stressed that he hoped these
circumstances did not occur.
But the opening, which came after he had repeatedly said he
would not stand, was enough to lead some centrist parties,
including the Catholic UDC, to say they would like to present an
electoral list to campaign to give Monti a second term.
Ferrari President Luca Cordero di Montezemolo said he would
back a Monti list too.
However, the centre-right Democratic Party, which is
currently ahead in the polls, and Berlusconi's People of Freedom
(PdL), which is the biggest group in parliament and second in
the polls, have expressed scepticism about the prospects of
another Monti government.
Both have said the country needs to return to normality,
with political leaders running the government.
The centrists, however, say Monti should stay on to
complete the reforms his emergency technocrat government has
launched to stop Italy slipping down the path of Greece towards
a possible default on its massive national debt.
Some experts doubt Italy's political parties will have the
courage to stick with unpopular measures deemed necessary to put
the country's economic house in order once in office.
Polls suggest Monti would muster more votes if he stood in
the elections than any of the main party leaders.
Italy's industrial employers' confederation Confindustria
said on Monday that the prospect of Monti staying on at the helm
of government would only be acceptable if it were in some way
legitimized at elections.
"With the legitimacy of the vote, it would be perfectly
fine for me," Confindustria chief Giorgio Squinzi told ANSA when
asked about the possibility of a second Monti-led government.
"I repeat I believe that first it is necessary to go
through the legitimacy of a vote".

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