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With renzi gaining, Berlusconi reconsiders running


(ANSA) - Milan, October 5 - New Data Friday showed Florence
Mayor Matteo Renzi stood a good chance to represent the
center-left Democratic Party in spring elections, while former
premier Silvio Berlusconi looked to be debating whether or not
to run.
"He's reflecting," said Lombardy Governor Roberto
Formigoni, a member of the media magnate's People of Freedom
(PdL) party and close confidant.
Formigoni added that Berlusconi was even considering
leaving the option open to someone outside his party, which has
recently been hit by a series of scandals, culminating in the
arrest Tuesday of Lazio caucus leader Franco Fiorito for alleged
"(Berlusconi) looked intent to analyze every possible
scenario, ready to take a step back if it meant supporting a
group of moderates with a different personality from his and the
PdL's," said Formigoni.
"He'll decide based on what's good for the country".
Polls currently give the opposition Democratic Party (PD) a
clear lead over the centre-right PdL with comedian Beppe
Grillo's Five Star protest movement third.
The mayor of Florence, a rising star in the PD, could be
the center-left's candidate for premier in a forthcoming
parliamentary vote if the turnout at primary elections is high,
according to the results of a survey by the polling and social
research institute SWG released on Friday.
Renzi, 37, is running against PD secretary Pier Luigi
Bersani, a veteran politician, and Nichi Vendola, leader of the
left-wing Left Ecology Freedom (SEL) party and governor of the
southern Puglia region.
With a turnout of at least four million people Renzi would
win 29% of the vote against Bersani's 26%, according to SWG.
In the event of a turnout of 2.6 million or 3.3 million
people, however, Bersani would win with 37% and 33% respectively
against Renzi's 29%.
The two candidates and their respective supporters have so
far been unable to agree on the rules for the primary elections
and no date has been set for the poll.
The PD is due to address both issues at its national
assembly on Saturday.
The next general election is scheduled by May when Premier
Mario Monti, an unelected technocrat, ends his term.
Monti was appointed Premier in November amid rising turmoil
in the eurocrisis that forced Berlusconi to step down.
Over the past 11 months his party, one of three main groups
in parliament that support Monti's premiership, has criticized
the government for its tough austerity measures, and PdL leaders
have repeatedly said that Berlusconi would run again.
But the center-right party's tone has softened as of late,
with some members of the party calling for an overhaul of the
party structure and image.
"For the future I envision a party that's responsible, not
demogogic and populist," said Maurizio Lupi, deputy speaker of
the House, from the PdL, who proposed changing the name of the
party to the Italian Center-Right.
"I like it a lot. We'll see if it sticks".

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