Sabato, 22 Settembre 2018

Inmate population 20,719 over acceptable limit says report


(ANSA) - Rome, October 8 - Inmate population in Italy's 206
prisons reached 66,568, 20,719 over capacity, a report by the
interior ministry said Monday.
The total capacity nominally allowed to meet safety
standards is 45,849.
Foreigners in the country's detention centers number
23,838 (36%) and 2,801 are women.
The report, compiled together with the health ministry
said that the majority of foreign prisoners are from Morocco
(4,633 inmates, 19.4%), followed by Romania (3,647 or 15.3%) and
Tunisia (3,037 inmates 12.7%).
Italy's prison population is now at its highest level since
World War II and recent estimates suggest it will continue
rising unless urgent action is taken, with the number expected
to climb above 100,000 this year.
Overcrowding is believed to be more than partly responsible
for the high number of suicides in Italian prisons compared to
those in most other developed countries.
The country's jails are still bursting nine months after
the government's so-called 'Save Prisons' package aimed at
ending overcrowding that has contributed to the rising suicide
rate, inmates' rights group Antigone said recently.

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