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Italian child hauled out of school in bitter custody battle


(ANSA) - Cittadella, October 11 - A video of police hauling
a 10-year-old boy out of school kicking and screaming has caused
an outrage in Italy where the parents of the child are engaged
in a bitter custody battle.
Footage of the scene, which hit national airwaves late
Wednesday, showed two plain-clothes officers forcibly picking up
the boy named Leonardo, one by his shoulders and the other by
his ankles, and taking him away as he screamed for his aunt who
was filming.
The event took place in the northern Italian town of
Cittadella, outside Padua.
A court in Venice had ordered that the boy be turned over
to the custody of his father.
Child-protection officers said they had repeatedly
attempted to pick up the boy at his mother's home but she and
her family would not hand him over.
The mother and several parents from the school held a
protest in front of the school Thursday telling police to "free"
the boy.
"The way our little boy was taken away is inhumane," said
the tearful mother.
In response, Italy's national police chief told ANSA he had
"profound regret" for the way things were handled and ordered an
internal investigation.
"We will work with utmost rigor in the internal
investigation," said Antonio Manganelli.
In response to the media storm, Italy's national media
watchdog warned outlets not to gratuitously play the video "for
the health and dignity of the boy".
He was taken to a group home before his father reclaimed
"I saved my son and now he's fine, calm. That's what's
important," said the father.
"I ate lunch, played Playstation and then had dinner with
him and put him to bed. It had been years since I did that and
it brought a beautiful emotion".

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