Domenica, 23 Settembre 2018

Costa Concordia hearing underway for captain, crew


(ANSA) - Grosseto, October 15 - Francesco Schettino, the
captain of the cruise liner Costa Concordia that ran aground on
a Tuscan island in January killing 32 people, appeared in court
Monday as hearings to decide whether to indict him and others
for the shipwreck began.
Schettino is under investigation for multiple manslaughter,
abandoning his post before the evacuation of all 4,200
passengers and crew had been completed and failing to
communicate properly with the maritime authorities.
The ex-captain, who was sacked last week by the Costa
Crociere parent company, arrived 20 minutes early, entering
through a side door of the Teatro Moderno in the Tuscan town of
Grosseto where the proceedings are taking place.
The judge who oversaw preliminary investigations, Valeria
Montesarchio, is also presiding over hearings, which are
scheduled to last about seven days.
Schettino's second in command, Ciro Ambrosio, officer
Salvatore Ursino and the head of the Costa Cruises fleet,
Roberto Ferrarini, who are also being investigated, were present
in court with their attorneys.
Monday's closed-door hearing examined testimonies, the
contents of the ship's black box.
A survivor of the shipwreck, Ernesto Carusotti commented
outside the court that "Schettino has his responsibility, but
behind the tragedy there are other failings that someone must
answer to".
In an unexpected turn, a survivor shook hands with
The former passenger rose on the stage of the Teatro
Moderno and the ex-captain took to his feet to shake the
passenger's hand.
The two exchanged a few words before Schettino returned to
the bench of the defence, and the passenger returned to the
Meanwhile the carcass of the ship remains off the coast of
Giglio as workers hurry to clean up the wreckage of Italy's
worst maritime disaster since World War II.
Salvage workers are scheduled to finish securing the ship
within 10 days, workers said Monday.
US-based Titan Salvage and the Italian firm Micoperi
originally planned to complete the phase by August 31.
The next phase involves installing a series of floating
platforms inside the half-sunken vessel.
Salvagers are aiming to completely remove the ship carcass
in time for Giglio's 2013 summer tourism season.

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