Mercoledì, 24 Ottobre 2018

Lombardy governor makes last ditch effort to save post


(ANSA) - Milan, October 15 - Lombardy's scandal-rocked
governor Roberto Formigoni made a last ditch effort to save his
post at the region's helm on Monday.
Formigoni said he would call for new elections "as soon as
possible" if his historic political allies in the populist
Northern League party refused to confirm their support for his
PDL-led coalition, led by his own People of Freedom (PdL) party,
headed by former premier Silvio Berlusconi.
Formigoni said if Northern League representatives accept
his invitation back to the executive government on Monday, then
he would ready a new, streamlined executive council within a few
If they do not, Formigoni said new elections would take
place "as soon as possible", that "the regulations were being
checked" but that it might be possible to hold elections in "45
to 90 days".
Formigoni also indicated on Monday that although he was
ready to give up the governorship, he was not about to renounce
his position as the general commissioner of Milan's Expo 2015,
also known as the World's Fair.
"The Expo general commissioner is a person chosen by the
Italian government to represent Italy to the world. It is not
the president for-the-time-being of Lombardy," Formigoni told
reporters in Milan on Monday.
Last Thursday Formigoni bowed to pressure over an ongoing
corruption scandal and dissolved the regional executive
government, saying that he would appoint a new, slimlined
version over subsequent days.
Then over the weekend, his Northern League allies appeared
to withdraw their support, pulling the carpet out from under
Formigoni's coalition.
Formigoni said in an interview published Monday by the
Corriere della Sera daily that he was "shocked" by the Northern
League's move, saying that it showed the party's "rebellious and
unreliable nature".
The Northern League is itself still trying to recover from
a party-funding scandal earlier this year that forced the
resignation of its leader and founder, Umberto Bossi.
Northern League secretary Roberto Maroni appealed on
Facebook over the weekend for party primaries to be held and for
"all Northern League supporters to rally and sign the proposal
for new laws and primaries to choose candidates for the governor
of Lombardy".

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