Martedì, 16 Ottobre 2018

Pope to receive bell made by ancient Vatican foundry


(ANSA) - Rome, October 15 - Southern Italy's Trivento
Diocese is a giving special bell to Pope Benedict XVI to honor
the "Year of the Faith".
The bell is known as a "Vox Fidei", or "voice of faith",
and will be on show in the Trivento cathedral through the
Christmas period, before its delivery to the pope on a scheduled
pilgrimage to Rome.
The bell was created by the Marinelli foundry in the small,
southern Italian town of Isernia.
The Marinella foundry, which is the Vatican's official
bell-maker, has been operating since the early 11th century and
is thought to be the oldest company in Europe.
The bell has a 42-cm diameter and rings the note 'la' or
'A' and features a reproduction of a stone bas-relief from a
medieval crypt in the Trivento cathedral.
An inscription reads "Today's world needs people who speak
to God in order to speak to God" - a quote from Joseph
Ratzinger, the current pope.
Another inscription on the bell reads, "Lord, I believe; I
want to believe in you," a citation from Pope Paul VI.

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