Martedì, 23 Ottobre 2018

Expert says captain had time to avoid Concordia crash


(ANSA) - Grosseto, October 16 - Captain Francesco Schettino
had "time and room" to avoid crashing the Costa Concordia into a
rock formation but "failed to react", declared an expert witness
on Tuesday at hearings in the Tuscan city of Grosseto.
"There was plenty of space, a huge amount of water and time
to approach and take (the ship) out of danger," testified
Admiral Giuseppe Cavo Dragone.
"The maneuver after the impact was completely fortuitous
because the ship was (by then) out of control," Dragone told
Judge Valeria Montesarchio, who had asked for clarification on
whether the ship could maneuver or stop at moment of the
Hearings began Monday to decide whether to indict Schettino
and others on criminal charges related to the cruise ship that
ran aground off the Tuscan island of Giglio in January killing
32 people.
Schettino is under investigation for multiple manslaughter,
abandoning his post before the evacuation of all 4,200
passengers and crew had been completed, and failing to
communicate properly with the maritime authorities.
Schettino's second in command, Ciro Ambrosio, officer
Salvatore Ursino and the head of the Costa Cruises fleet,
Roberto Ferrarini, are also being investigated.
The proceedings are taking place in the Teatro Moderno in
the Tuscan town of Grosseto.
Hearings are scheduled to last about seven days.
Schettino waved to TV cameras on Tuesday before attending
the second day of preliminary hearings into the disaster.
On Monday, Schettino entered the Grosseto theatre where the
hearings are being held by a side door to avoid being mobbed by
the media.
It emerged last week that he was sacked by the Costa
Cruises parent company in July. He is suing the company for
unfair dismissal.
Costa Cruises said on Tuesday that it has reached
compensation deals with 67% of the 3,050 passengers who did not
suffer physical injury in the shipwreck of the Concordia liner
in January.
The compensation packages are thought to average 14,000
The additional 23% (of uninjured survivors) includes those
who have not accepted our proposal and those who have not yet
answered, while 10% are taking legal action," Costa Cruises
"The families of the deceased and guests who were injured
and requested medical attention received a separate proposal
that takes into consideration the individual cases".
In separate probes, prosecutors in the Tuscan city of
Grosseto are reportedly investigating the alleged theft of items
from the wreck of the Concordia by scuba-diving looters.
Mediaset television's Tg24 news channel said the
prosecutors had opened a file on the disappearance of objects
from the semi-submerged part of the liner.
The first thing police divers noticed had gone missing was
a beautiful brass bell from the bridge of the ship.
The looters also reportedly broke windows of shops inside
the ship and stole jewellery and watches.
Pictures, clocks and various items of furniture are said to
have disappeared too.

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