Domenica, 23 Settembre 2018

Trade in fake products costs 110,000 Italian jobs


Rome, October 22 - Almost seven billion euros worth
of counterfeit goods are sold in Italy each year and this
illegal trade costs 110,000 legitimate jobs, a government report
said Monday.
Fake brand-name clothing and accessories are the most
popular counterfeit goods sold on a 6.9-billion-euro market that
is so extensive there is hardly a product that cannot be copied,
said the report by the industry ministry and research institute
Counterfeit cosmetic sales are on the rise, having
increased 15 fold over the past decade, while fake CDs, DVDs,
computer software and foodstuffs are also top sellers.
Censis found that most consumers are "indifferent" to moral
qualms about buying counterfeit products that also include
jewelry, toys and even medication.
It said that if the counterfeit goods were produced and
sold legitimately, tax revenues would increase by 4.6 billion

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