Martedì, 16 Ottobre 2018

Italian labour minister defends youth employment remarks


Rome, October 23 - Italian Labour Minister Elsa
Fornero on Tuesday lashed out against criticism of her comments
on youth employment that sparked furor and headlines.
"The statements attributed to me about squeamish young
people" are "exactly the opposite of what I said", Fornero wrote
in a letter published in Italian daily Il Corriere Della Sera on
Fornero invited readers to examine the current government's
track record on seeking generational equity and trying to build
opportunity for young people - including the underprivileged -
through reform.
On Monday, Fornero advised students "not to be overly
choosey" when looking for work in the current economic
environment, because "one can not expect to find the ideal
Fornero, who was addressing a conference at the
Assolombardo business association in Milan on Monday, also
added, "Young Italians today are willing to take any
much so that they are in marginal (working) conditions".
Leaders of all stripes - politicians, union leaders,
business lobbyists, and even a fellow minister - leapt on
Fornero's comments to promote their own messages on Tuesday.
"She was certainly misunderstood," said Industry Minister
Corrado Passera. She was simply trying to "convince them that
one can...create one's own business and do it without (guardian)
saints in heaven," Passera added.
Passera's mission is, among other duties, to promote
"The problem is not about being choosey or not, but to give
dignity to manual labour, and especially help students to make
choices that take the needs of the labor market into account as
well as their own inclinations," said Claudio Gentili, education
director for Italy's influential industrial association
"Young people choosey? I rather see lots of young people
increasingly excluded from the labor market," said Susanna
Camusso, secretary-general of the left-wing union CGIL.

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