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Berlusconi says will not run in 2013 elections


Rome, October 24 - Silvio Berlusconi said on
Wednesday that he will not run to become Italian premier for the
fourth time in elections next year.
"For the love of Italy, one can doe crazy and wise things,"
said the ex-premier in a statement. "Eighteen years ago I came
into office, a foolhardy venture not devoid of wisdom. Now I
choose to take a step back, for the same love that moved me to
act back then".
The media magnate said in a statement that his People of
Freedom (PdL) party would hold primaries to decide who will be
its candidate by the end of December.
"I remain at the side of younger people who can play and
score goals," said Berlusconi, 76, who owns the AC Milan soccer
Since Mario Monti replaced Berlusconi as premier in
November, the PdL has criticized the government of technocrats
for its tough austerity measures, and party leaders have
repeatedly said that Berlusconi would run again.
But the PdL's tone has softened as of late, with some
members of the party calling for an overhaul of the party
structure and image following a raft of corruption cases,
culminating in this month's arrest of former PdL Lazio caucus
leader Franco Fiorito for alleged embezzlement.
Polls currently give the center-left Democratic Party (PD)
a clear lead over the centre-right PdL with comedian Beppe
Grillo's Five Star protest movement third.
PdL Secretary Angelino Alfano recently said Berlusconi
would consider stepping aside "in order not to surrender Italy
to the left," perhaps to form a single "centrist" coalition.
The next general election is scheduled by May when Monti,
an unelected technocrat, ends his term.
Monti was appointed premier in November amid rising turmoil
in the euro crisis that forced Berlusconi to step down.

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