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Monti says reforms will be carried out even after his term


Rome, October 24 - Italian Premier Mario Monti on
Wednesday sought to quash speculation that he would stay on
beyond his term ends next spring and quell foreign concerns that
his reforms will not be carried out once he steps down.
"We don't understand the reasons why Italian elections in
2013 must be surrounded by expectatations and fears," he told an
Austrian journalist who asked if he considered extending his
term in order to see out his financial reforms.
"Italy is a large democratic country and member of the
European Union," he added.
"How many elections have taken place since 1957? Have there
ever been cases in which Italy created particular problems, more
so than other countries in the EU? I don't believe so".
Political analysts in Italy and abroad, especially as the
euro crisis drags on, have speculated that the former european
commissioner and economist would stay on as head of a
technocratic government in order to carry through a number of
sweeping economic reforms put in place since replacing former
premier Silvio Berlusconi in November.
Berlusconi's own centre-right party, the People of Liberty
(PdL), has been in a state of disarray since a series of
corruption scandals were exposed, culminating in the arrest this
month of Lazio caucus leader Franco Fiorito for alleged
Monti has repeatedly promised to step down at the end of
his term.
"Whatever government there is in Italy (after elections),
it will be a government that, like the others, will have to act
according to the rules and policies of the EU," said Monti.

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