Martedì, 18 Settembre 2018

Monti says 15 months enough for him, economy needs more time


Jerusalem, October 25 - Italian Premier Mario Monti
says 15 months in government is all that he wants - but the
economy will need more time to find its footing.
"Fifteen months? For me, personally, I have had enough, but
it's less than what is needed to restructure the economy," Monti
said Thursday, answering reporters' questions during a visit to
He also applauded the resilience of the Italian people, who
have endured deep cuts to government spending programs and tax
increases as Monti's caretaker government of technocrats has
tried to encourage an economic recovery.
And he couldn't resist a dig at former premier Silvio
Berlusconi, who has been blamed for wreaking economic havoc on
the country, including denying its serious problems for as long
as possible.
"Italians are bearing remarkable sacrifices after a period
in which they were told that the crisis was not so bad," said
Monti, who earlier met with the Governor of the Bank of Israel,
Stanley Fischer.
Italians are now accepting change "with an understanding
and an incredible maturity: there is no level of protest as in
other parts of Europe, and this shows remarkable acceptance of
government policy".
Italy has seen a steady string of protests against the
Monti government's measures, but these have not come near the
level of violence witnessed in Spain and Greece, where economic
measures have been more harsh.

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