Venerdì, 19 Ottobre 2018

Italian govt presents anti-corruption bill to House


Rome, October 19 - The Italian government presented
its long-awaited but controversial anti-corruption bill to the
House on Monday.
"The time has come to turn this bill into a law," said
Justice Minister Paola Severino from the floor of the House.
The bill was launched amid a welter of scandals across the
country some have said surpass the early 1990s Bribesville
scandals that took down the political establishment that had
ruled Italy since the Second World War.
The bill's provision to shorten the statute of limitations
in some cases of corruption has been the main target of critics
who argue that several high-profile trials will be timed out.
Some have also said it leaves out other key issues like the
control of local-government spending and a ban on incriminated
politicians standing for office again.
Severino says the government plans to address these issues
in separate bills.
The anti-corruption bill was approved by the Senate two
weeks ago.

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