Martedì, 18 Settembre 2018

PD should 'stop complaining' over electoral reform, says UDC


Rome, November 6 - The centrist UDC leader Pier
Ferdinando Casini said on Twitter Tuesday that the centre-left
Democratic Party (PD) should "stop causing a fuss" following the
PD's refusal to support a new electoral law that was poised for
approval in the Senate.
On Tuesday, after months of haggling over a new rule
designed to artificially achieve a clear majority, the party
currently leading the polls, the PD, denounced the deal as
actually intended to achieve the opposite, since the bar would
be set too high for anyone to qualify for the extra boost.
The Constitutional affairs committee approved an amendment
that would provide a pro forma majority if the winning coalition
secured at least 42.5% of the vote, a much higher requirement
than was previously being touted.
"Instead of complaining, the PD should take advantage of
the occasion to improve on the (Constitutional) committee's
work. We are ready for reasonable modifications".
If the votes in favor of the leading alliance reach 42.5%,
an additional 12.5% would be granted to achieve a 55% majority.
The PD is currently polling at around 27% and with centrist
and leftwing allies could get about 10-12% more, experts say -
leaving it short of the mark now proposed to ensure an
unassailable governing majority.
The PD, which remains a hold-out against the amendment as
does the ethics-focused Italy of Values (IdV) party, said that
they are working on an amendment that instead proposes an
additional 10% grant to a 42.5% votes in favor.
If the electoral law bill passes the Senate, it will then
go to the House.
After nearly a year of stalled talks and differences at the
party level, skepticism has grown that decisive reforms cannot
be implemented in time for the vote.

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