Domenica, 21 Ottobre 2018

Renzi says wouldn't serve under Bersani


Florence, November 6 - Italian center-left
candidate Matteo Renzi declared on Tuesday that he would not
accept a ministerial post if his political rival, Pier Luigi
Bersani, were to be elected premier.
"Be a minister under Bersani? Definitely not," the
political upstart and mayor of Florence told Radio 24 on its "24
Morning" program.
"If I lose the primaries, I don't want to be like all the
others. In past primaries, whoever lost always asked for a sort
of consolation prize. It happened with (Fausto) Bertinotti,
(Clemente) Mastella, (Antonio) Di Pietro, (Alfonso) Pecoraro
Scanio and (Rosy) Bindi, just to name a few," Renzi said.
"Personally, if I lose, I will remain as (Florence's)
mayor. I won't go to parliament, nor will I be a minister. But
if I win, I would like the same behavior also from the (other
primary candidates). It would be nice, in sum, if for once those
who lose the primaries offer to give a hand up to the last day
before the election to the one who won without, however, tying
his contribution to a seat".
Renzi and Bersani are two favorites in a center-left
primary race that has five candidates and goes to vote this
On Monday, speaking at the University of Turin, Bersani
was asked if he would make Renzi a minister in his cabinet if he
became premier.
"Do you really want to play the cabinet game?" he added.
Renzi, 37, is campaigning on a pledge to "scrap" Bersani's
generation and the old guard.
If elected, pundits think Bersani, 61, is likely to carry
on economic reforms from technocrat Mario Monti, who took over
from Silvio Berlusconi at the height of the euro crisis almost a
year ago.
Pollsters say the upstart Renzi could take the primary
election if voters turn out in large numbers.
But voter disaffection is high, and if a small electorate
votes, the veteran Bersani is favored to win.
The PD is currently polling around 27%, while Berlusconi's
center-right People of Freedom (PdL) party has about 15% and
comedian Beppe Grillo's anti-establishment Five Star Movement
has 20%.
The PD does not currently have enough support to form a
government on its own, and Grillo is not likely to be an ally,
leaving the end result all but clear in the run-up.

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