Sabato, 22 Settembre 2018

Draghi says new ECB bond-buying won't generate inflation


Rome, November 7 - European Central Bank (ECB)
President Mario Draghi said on Wednesday that a new program to
help reduce the spread between the eurozone's weaker economies
and Germany "will not generate inflation".
Speaking in Frankfurt, Draghi said that the program,
whereby the ECB buys sovereign bonds from weaker eurozone
economies like Italy and Spain, will not "create greater risks
for German taxpayers".
To help protect the euro from speculative threats, Draghi
in August had suggested that the ECB was prepared to purchase
"unlimited" quantities of sovereign bonds.
German politicians and members of the country's central
bank have expressed concern that bond-buying actions by the ECB
could stoke inflationary pressures and leave Germany to foot the
bill should any creditor country default.
Draghi, speaking during a banking forum, said that
"unlimited" bond buying does not necessarily mean
Countries who request the ECB to buy their bonds must also
adhere to "strict conditions" in return, Draghi reminded
attendees at the forum.

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