Martedì, 16 Ottobre 2018

Monti counts on a 'strong' U.S. led by Obama


Rome, November 7 - President Barack Obama is "nice
to work with," Italian Premier Mario Monti said on Wednesday
following the Democratic candidate's re-election.
Premier Monti underlined the crucial role of the US
president in and out of the country.
"President Obama knows how to use the tools of the market
and of the State. As a president he is attentive to the needs of
the U.S., but also understands Europe. That is important for
us," Monti said.
Monti told reporters that he had congratulated Obama on
his hard-earned success and the battle for re-election that
ended in the "spirit of national unity that characterizes
Italy is counting on a "strong" United States to continue
to play a lead role on the international stage, Monti said in
his message of congratulation to Obama on Wednesday.
"With your confirmation in the White House, Italy knows
that it can count on a strong, supportive America that will
continue to play a fundamental role on the international scene
and commit itself to addressing the many global challenges,"
Monti said in the message, "ensuring international peace and
security, responding to the legitimate yearning for liberty of
the many countries that are looking to democracy and, finally,
overcoming the difficult economic situation".
Monti also said in the message to Obama that he looked
forward "with pleasure to the continuation of cooperation
between us, based on the special harmony that has developed at
the personal level and between our two governments".
Europe still has work to do to "accelerate growth and
create a more unified political situation," premier Monti said.
However, Monti also said that the United States "still has
some work to do" to strengthen its financial discipline.

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