Mercoledì, 17 Ottobre 2018

Italians see bodyweight fall due to healthy eating habits


Florence, November 8 - Italians are gradually
seeing their body weight fall to more 'normal' levels due to
more healthy eating habits, according to a study by the Nestle'
Observatory in conjunction with the clinical nutrition and
dietetics association ADI.
'For the first time the percentage of people of normal
weight is on the rise, at 54.2% today compared to 51% in 2010
and 53% in 2011,' the authors of the study said.
'The percentage of people who are overweight or obese is
still high, at 43.4%, but it is nonetheless falling compared to
46% in 2010 and 44% in 2011. The number of underweight people is
also falling, to 2.4% today'.
The secret to having a normal body weight lies in physical
activity and healthy eating habits, including respecting regular
mealtimes and snacks, ADI says.
However, bad habits remain - 36% of Italians do not share
mealtimes with other people and 75% eat in front of the
television, particularly those in the 18-34 age bracket.

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