Martedì, 23 Ottobre 2018

Charities demand action on crisis in Italy's refugee service


Rome, November 12 - Leading Italian social welfare
groups are demanding government action to deal with what they
call a refugee crisis.
Numerous North African refugee claimants seeking help from
Italy are not being assisted, charity groups Caritas and
Fondazione Migrantes said Monday.
And the situation will only worsen as continuing waves of
immigrants arrive on Italian shores.
"The realistic prospect of new flows towards Italy of
people who...escape for political and religious reasons, does
not allow continuation of existing precarious structures,"
designed to cope with humanitarian crises, they said.
The agencies are especially worried by the looming deadline
of December 31, when emergency provisions to cope with North
African immigrants ares scheduled to end.
As many as 60% of refugee claimants are still waiting for
their cases to be resolved by the Italian government, according
to surveys conducted by Caritas.
Many refugees run into "the hardships and the many
bureaucratic difficulties" of launching their claims, as well as
hitting the economic crisis that is threatening social centres,
parishes, and other host communities that normally assist
refugees, the two organizations said.
They noted that the Italian government has promised to
develop a new procedures for dealing claimants seeking help on
humanitarian grounds.
However, what's needed is better coordination and
cooperation across agencies dealing with refugees and
immigrants, the groups said.

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