Martedì, 25 Settembre 2018

Costa Concordia spills oil, probably from machine room


Florence, November 13 - Analysis of an oily
substance that spilled from the remains of the Costa Concordia
cruise liner on November 2 corroborates the notion that oil
leaked from its machine room, the Tuscan environmental agency
ARPAT announced on Tuesday.
The Costa Concordia ran aground on a Tuscan island reef
last January, causing the evacuation of over 4,000 passengers
and crew members, and the deaths of 32.
The recent oil leak continued for a number of days to a
lesser degree before stopping on its own, ARPAT's statement
The oil never posed a serious environmental threat, as it
was aspirated from around the ship and never drifted beyond its
immediate perimeter, the agency added.
"Presumably it is a combustible and/or lubricant coming
from the machine room of the ship, having leaked after a heavy
storm," ARPAT wrote, noting that the chemical composition was
similar to, but not identical with, samples of heavy
hydrocarbons taken from the ship before its tanks were emptied.

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