Martedì, 16 Ottobre 2018

Some UK-Italy budget positions not 'perfect fit' says Monti


Rome, November 13 - Premier Mario Monti said that
the positions of Italy and Britain on the 2014-2020 European
Union budget "present some points that don't fit perfectly
"But there are also some points in common," said Monti
after a meeting in Rome with British Prime Minister David
"First among them is that the EU budget must be aimed
towards spurring growth and developing competitiveness".
Cameron, who has threatened to veto any above-inflation
rise in the European Union's 2014-2020 budget, is seeking to
gain support for his stance among European partners ahead of a
special summit in Brussels later this month.
Italy and France issued a joint call last week to abolish
the rebate system which grants Britain - and to a lesser extent
other countries - a reduction in contributions to the European
Union budget.
Cameron said that Europe must "learn to live within its
means," repeating his position that the EU budget could "not go
Monti said that Italy was opposed to a dwindling EU budget.
"We are supporters of a budget aimed towards the future,
but we are less inclined towards a consistent reduction of the
budget, in view of its efficiency," he said.
The European Union "needs a banking union like the one
Britain has," the British Prime Minister said. "Great Britain is
ready to support initiatives creating banking supervision
Monti said following the meeting with Cameron that he would
like to "take the opportunity to express satisfaction with the
final go-ahead for EU funds to be used for work in (earthquake
struck) Emilia-Romagna that we have been examining intensively
over the last days".
EU finance ministers in Brussels announced following an
Ecofin meeting earlier Tuesday that 670 million euros in
assistance for parts of Italy that were severely damaged by
deadly earthquakes last spring will be released shortly.

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