Lunedì, 22 Ottobre 2018

PD plays down danger of govt falling over election schedule


Rome, November 15 - The main centre-left Democratic
Party (PD) on Thursday played down the danger that Premier Mario
Monti's government could be brought down before the end of its
term because of a row over election schedules.
Ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi's centre-right People of
Freedom (PdL) party is reportedly considering withdrawing its
support from Monti's emergency technocrat administration unless
regional elections in Lazio, Lombardy and Molise are combined
with national elections next spring.
Lazio and Lombardy need early elections because their
administrations were recently scratched after PdL governors
Renata Polverini and Roberto Formigoni resigned amid corruption
scandals, while last year's election in Molise was annulled
because of voting irregularities.
The PdL, the centrist UDC and the Northern League say they
want the national and regional votes combined to save money and
prevent the next six months becoming one long election campaign.
But the PD says elections are needed in the three regions
before then to fill a vacuum of governance. The national
elections are not expected to take place until April.
The centre-left party also wants to vote soon to take
advantage of the lead its has in the opinion polls and it hopes
success in the regions will give it momentum for the national
"I hope there won't be a government crisis and I don't
think there will be," PD Secretary Pier Luigi Bersani said
He added that the parties must overcome the current stall
in negotiations for a new election law to replace the much
criticism system in place at the moment.
"If you want to consider the hypothesis of bringing forward
the national elections, you have to proceed with changing the
electoral law and not cause controversy," Bersani said.

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